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More questions!

1. Are you able to text-chat in-game?

2. Are there more enterable buildings in the game compared to offline? Or are those you can enter during offline missions closed?

3. You mentioned your customized character's look will be based on the parents you create. Does that mean you must change the parents if you're not really satisfied with the looks of your character? Or how does this work?

4. Can one simply drag me out of my car and drive away with it? Are there any actions that could be taken?

5. What if I purchased house A in the mountains. Can nobody else purchase that same house in that game? Otherwise I wonder what happens if you join a game where someone has purchased that house as well. I also wonder how that works with friends visiting your house.

6. Did you notice any flaws online? Anything you felt that was overpowered or not satisfied about?

7. Could you tell something about the stockmarket? Is it possible you kill all BurgerShot employees and trucks and that their stocks will drop?

More questions if I come up with any.
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