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Post GTA Online Q & A

This past week some of us from GTAGaming were invited out to NYC to play an early build (not final product) of GTA Online. It's really like a separate game from GTA V single player and it's shaping up to be an evolution in the GTA series. But rather than do our usual write-up I thought it would be cool to open it up to you guys to ask us questions, and we can answer them here. If there is time before Tuesday, maybe I can put together a video to answer the most common questions and demonstrate some tips.

Before we start just remember that we did not play the final build, so not everything we saw is how it will be on Tuesday. Also there are certain things we aren't allowed to tell you because it might be a spoiler.

Now ask away!

Originally Posted by LIVE_HOUSTONBOI View Post
oh oh oh the character customizing. this parent thing is confusing. do you have to create the parents to get the out come of your character? and do you have to buy weapons like max payne three?
character customization: when you create your online character, there's 4 grandparents and you can choose how each grandparent looks, when you're done with that all 4 will determine how your character looks.

weapons: you buy weapons & ammo from ammu-nation or sometimes you get them from police vehicles
you can also buy ammo in the lobbies if you need it

Originally Posted by Hyena View Post
How is the money system?
The money is completely separated from single player. You start out with $0 and have to grind your way up through liquor store robberies, co-op missions, deathmatches or races with friends.

Originally Posted by LIVE_HOUSTONBOI View Post
is the world of gta online alive like the single player? traffic peds and events. are is it stale like gta 4 multiplayer?
Yes there are traffic and peds. In the build we played it seemed a little thin, it felt more like it was other players and cops, but there for sure were other NPCs. There might be more in the final build.

Originally Posted by Hyena View Post
how was the player clothes customization? do they have lots of hairstyles or only a few for each skin type?
I know there was a tattoo shop and clothing stores. When start for clothes and hairstyles it all depends on how you choose your grandparents and how you choose your stats. For example if your guy is more criminal than he has more scars, gangster clothes, etc but if he is more legal than he wears nice suits, more athletic has a bigger body, etc.

Originally Posted by Lynk View Post
Did you play 16 man? How did you find the player limit?
You join a session and each session has up to 16 people, you can invite friends and crew members into your session/instance. You can lock it or invite more people of similar rank. Then everybody is in free roam and does what they want, but you can also host a race/deathmatch/job and invite people into it. Not all 16 people have to accept, you can start something with as low as 2 people, but it's of course more fun with more people. I found the limit to make sense for what we were doing.

Originally Posted by InDoMoNKeY View Post

Q1. Which parts of a player can you customize? ie: hairstyle, skin color, gender?
Q2. Are you able to customize your character after creating it the first time? I am not talking about clothing, but about gender, skin color, eyes, etc.
Q3. How many houses are approximately there to customize?
Q4. Is it possible to purchase properties besides houses.
Q5. How many vehicles can you store in a garage? Assuming there's only one.
1. Yes all of this at creation.
2. No don't think so.
3. You don't really customize the houses, they come as they are, but there were too many to count I would say at least 30.
4. There are apartments and garages, I didn't see anything like businesses if that's what you mean.
5. Depends on the size, I think the cheapest ones fit 2 cars and the larger ones fit 10.

Originally Posted by Bfett21 View Post
Did you notice any difference in radio stations tracks or stations?

Originally Posted by InDoMoNKeY View Post
More questions!

1. Are you able to text-chat in-game?
2. Are there more enterable buildings in the game compared to offline? Or are those you can enter during offline missions closed?
3. You mentioned your customized character's look will be based on the parents you create. Does that mean you must change the parents if you're not really satisfied with the looks of your character? Or how does this work?
4. Can one simply drag me out of my car and drive away with it? Are there any actions that could be taken?
5. What if I purchased house A in the mountains. Can nobody else purchase that same house in that game? Otherwise I wonder what happens if you join a game where someone has purchased that house as well. I also wonder how that works with friends visiting your house.
6. Did you notice any flaws online? Anything you felt that was overpowered or not satisfied about?
7. Could you tell something about the stockmarket? Is it possible you kill all BurgerShot employees and trucks and that their stocks will drop?
1. No, your friends get text invites to your missions, but not chat.
2. No buildings are the same as single player.
3. I don't know about changing the looks after you create, this is only what I saw at the creator screen. You just keep scrolling through parents and your characters face will change.
4. Anything you can do to NPCs, a real player can do to you (unless you're in passive mode).
5. Unable to answer this because we didn't test this far, but we wondered about this too.
6. No I actually felt it was better than GTA 4's online by a long shot. There were some bumps with the Social Club servers but they will work this out over time.
7. In the version we played the stock market wasn't connected, but we were told if your whole crew attacks a company over time their stocks will drop.

Originally Posted by Hyena View Post
how was the multiplayer mission system? did you have to choose a mission from a menu of some kind or was it like singleplayer where the icons appeared on your map? or was it even like Red Dead where you had to go to an area and start it?
During free roam you receive a message on the phone for a job, then you join a lobby and you invite your friends, they receive a text too and join up. You can also start deathmatch/races/jobs from your phone at any time. ALSO you can meet at markers on the map if you want to.

Originally Posted by Misanthrope View Post
Do you start with a safehouse? I see that you mentioned that you start off broke, so I was wondering how long it would be before I could save a car.
No you don't start with a safehouse. You are given a car at the start.

Originally Posted by Leon Silavant
Can you enter activities as a group like in SP? Like are they dotted around the map? Are there any unique ones for MP?
Yes it's how you described and yes there are unique MP activities like arm wrestling.

Originally Posted by Julian McGuire
id like to know if theres free roam where you cant kill eachother blow each others cars and you can have police on or off is that possible?
You can pay a little bit of cash to enter "passive mode" where you are safe from being killed, but if you fire a weapon this turns off. In the version we played it wasn't much it was $100 which is the same you get for killing a player.

Originally Posted by Hyena View Post
you said how you are given a car. is that car a special car "like franklin always driving the charger and trevor with the truck". is it one that will respawn and always be with you like the main character's main cars? and if so, could you change that car or buy a different car?
It is "your" car, you have to put insurance on it and it gets impounded. You can call on your phone to get it back.

Originally Posted by Jimmy_86 View Post
What can you tell us about the reputation levelling system.

Did you use any abilities like the 'hide your blips' or call in an air strike? What other abilities were there?
You get cash and Rep Points for various actions like killing people, losing the police, winning races, completing missions, etc. Ranking unlocks weapons at AmmuNation. I actually didn't get to test any of those abilities sorry.

Originally Posted by Lutten View Post
Will we be able to record or save footages from GTA Online to our PS3?
Don't know about this.

Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Will you be able to see fellow players marked on the map? Or just in the vicinity? or not at all?

Would be cool if you could try to blend in with other NPC's, so that's what I'm hoping for
Yes you see everybody on the map, it's not based on vicinity. They are all a white dot, friends have a blue circle around the white dot, crew members have a yellow circle.
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