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Textures disappering - High end PC

Hi, i have a problem with building textures not loading, ground levels rising above car and some in general when spawning vehicles.

Textures not loading for buildings and the ground level rising above the car has been a problem ive been having for a long time but havent found a way to solve yet.

But my biggest problem started recently, when i tried to spawn a vehicle and got the error
"unable to spawn requested car, please check model"
from the simple native trainer.

I have had carmods installed, and alot of them.
But i have always been able to spawn the vehicles without problem until recently.

I have game version, because when i have tried game version all ive gotten is worse problems. So im sticking to the version cause i find it the most stable.

My specs should be able to handle even a modded version of gta.
Current setup:

Intel core i7 3770K 3.5GHz
16gb of 1600MHz Ram
Radeon 6970 2GB
Running windows 7 x64

I have tried updating every single driver i can think about.

Commandline.txt contents:

-width 1920

-height 1080



The commandline commands doesnt seem to do any difference though.
There seems to be a limit of 15-16 different car models i can spawn,
It doesnt matter which ones though.
If i restart the game i can spawn 15-16 other models until the problem occurs again.
I can even spawn what seems to be an unlimited amount of the same vehicle.
Tried this and reached above 100 vehicles of the same kind before the game crashed.
This is not something i will be doing, but more of a test.

Anyone with a solution or something i can try?

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