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MarkC9 is an unknown quantity at this point - Removes weapon sound and adds silencer sound... no video showing off how it sounds - 99% of mods are in English. All the non-English speakers make an effort to try and post there mods in English (cromchen great example). There is no reason he couldn't either. - Weapons.xml modifications, no video to actually show off modifications, no description that breaks it down piece by piece - It's a force field. That's all the information we get. - Once again clearly the type of mod that requires vids or pics at the very least to show it off.

This is the last time I'll post about this because I'm sure it's getting annoying now, and if I annoy you guys my point will be lost. I just feel like I'm completely wasting my time reporting these mods. I know you're saying there is quality control but when I can come here week by week and post a list of mods without proper explanations, I'm not sure how you can justify that statement.

Anyways not trying to make a big deal of this or anything, it's just creating a lot of clutter on the site and I end up having to "pick and choose" which mods I click on because of how rubbish so many are (or their descriptions are).

Cheers and have a good day.
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