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Exclamation RESC10 Fatal Error BUG

Every single time I try to open EFLC, I get a Fatal Error: RESC10 as soon as the copyright page shows up. This has happened at random after playing the game about 3-4 times without that error.

So every time I get the fatal error, I must do this:

I also have a commandline.txt with -norestrictions and -availablevidmem 10.0. The game still won't open without the -norestrictions.

So when I get to the main screen, I'm there running the highest graphic settings! My computer can support this even though it receives MAJOR FPS Fail. So I have to optimize my settings to what I usually run it to.

The point is: If it does support the high resolution settings for over 2 minutes (Which my computer does) I shouldn't be getting this bug. So I play for 20 Minutes on my desired settings before I quit the game. When I restart it immediately, I get the same stupid RESC10 Error. This is painstakingly annoying and I have to constantly do the method in the video above. I even made a shortcut to desktop for the settings folder! LOL

Long Story Short: Help?!?

(Sorry IF I posted in wrong thread. This is my first forum post in gtagaming! [WOOHOO!] My TLAD Is fine.)

PC Specs:
HP Touchsmart 520
Intel Pentium CPU G620 @ 2.60 GHz
Intel(R) HD Graphics
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