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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Alright man test it out for me if you don't mind

I'll send you a proper icon (and sound) later, just thought you might want to try it out. If there's anything wrong with the handpositioning or something like that just make a screenshot and show me what the problem is.
Will the sound be complete? (Distant shot etc)
I just tested it and there are some things that might need a fix.
Purple spots on the gun
Smoothing error on EOTech(on the edge)
Also I forgot to mention that the front Magpul Ironsight should also be on the canted rail mount otherwise it's useless

Other than that it's perfect. Hand positioning is just perfect. No clipping whatsoever.

I got some EOTech models if the curent one is unfixable,just in case seen anyone use this before)

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