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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Kinda depends, if it's a somewhat unique gun and you have a link to a 3dmodel I'll certainly take a look at it. Alot of times people are asking for guns that have been converted to gta dozens of times and I don't really feel like making them
Well here it is
I hope it's not too long xD
A HK416 with 14.5 inch barrel with Magpul rail covers,magpul stock,magpul pmag,EOTech holosight and 45 degree ironsight(like in BF4 and Medal of Honor Warfighter)
You can use this as a base:
The PMAG and Magpul stock can be easily found on
The canted ironsight can be found here:
Also I would be glad if you folded the front ironsight post and replace the rear ironsight with a magpul backup iron sight(if it's there)
Also a magpul for the magazine(the thing that helps you pulling the mag out of the pocket) would be nice
I hope this is not too much to ask

PS: A colored Icon would be much appreciated
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