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Hello Muni and everyone, I got redirected from the now locked spambot welcome thread after spending a week thinking well, not a very friendly lot over here are ya!

I have now got 37 additional bikes in my GTAIV v1.0.7.0 while still able to go bowling and play darts etc. I am thinking of uploading a Grand Theft Motorcycle IV mod, (im not really a modder I just reallised that you can add bike handling strings to the default handling.DAT while using newveh.IMG/IDE!) But as I say I'm not a moddder, clueless about scripting, modelling or even converting models, I just have a large collection now glitch free I wanted to share! I live in small town South Africa though and my internet is mobile and expensive so wanted to find out if anyone would be interested in it?

I also wanted to find out if one of you fine scripting fellows has a script to add and delete specfic clothes to match the 3 helmets. Ideally specific to the vehicles.IDE string @VEH_BIKE_SPT and CHOPPER and DIRT. so :-
Niko gets on a sanchez instead of spawning a random helmet, a specific helmet with specific clothes spawns, then returns to previous clothing when helmet is taken off and different helmet and clothes for hellfury and PCJ...?

Anyway, message me if your interested in downloading or helping with Grand Theft Bike IV...
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