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I'm pulling this thread out again as I can't quit trying to get a decent modified GTA to work for me. Forget all of the above, I have my carmods working now, nearly every car replaced and working quite nicely (You just have to make sure the size of the modded car files is no bigger than 2-3mb, some may be 4mb big, and voila no missing textures, no huge performance drops).
Only problem I keep having is that I just can't find any good iCEnhancer mod. As of what I have read is that they seem do not work that properly on ATI cards (Again, I have a HD5850 1GB). I have tried 6 different iCE settings since yesterday, and none of them has a decent FPS rate, and they mostly look to bright for me. Can anyone recommend one with good settings for ATI cards, for version, which doesnt bother my fps so much? I am mostly interested in the lights and antialiasing parts of that mod.
Thanks in advance
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