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A Step Further


The overall consensus seems to be, and I agree, that the new GTA looks amazing and that realistic is a good feel so long as players have the option to be ridiculous. From what I have seen of the new game I will be happy to play it as is. Having said that I have always fantasied about doing crazy things in GTA. Here is a brief list of a few:

*ZOO; have a zoo with a very wide range of animals that you can release on the general populous. Take it further and trap a tiger and lure it into a van. Drive it to a police station and let it go. Have an animal control unit that will attempt to re capture these animals. Animals behave as they would in life. Tigers eat everything they can find and stop when full. Monkeys climb, jump, swing, etc. You get the idea.

3 CHARACTERS; the three characters idea is great. Can we use all tree in free roam to set up ambushes? If player one gets arrested, do we automatically get put into one of the two other characters and need to go break player one out of jail. If one player dies the other two meet at the hospital and pick him up.

ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION; Buildings collapse, rocket launchers do structural damage to buildings, etc. Weather has an effect. Have snow, sleet, hail, lighting, tornados, hurricanes, etc. Drive a car through a store window. Things of this nature would add hours of time to playing the game.

CHEATS; lets have a better cheat system. The phone was great.

Weapons: Stock weapons should fit the game and not be ridiculous. That is the weapons you are normally given in the game should be accessible through cheats and kept separate. There should be a ridiculous weapon cheat for those who want to have some fun outside of normal game play and each weapon should effect the world. No more rocket launchers hitting a building and leaving no damage. Each weapon should allow for different types of kills. Knives allow stealth kills. Bow and arrow as well. Stealth killing does not raise wanted level. Hide the body in the trunk. Things like this. Also have other worldly weapons that do ridiculous things. Thor's Hammer, gravity gun, vaporizer, lightsaber, etc. Each has its own effect.

Skins: One thing I hate about skins is that you can get some really cool skins like iron man, batman, superman, and they cannot do anything that is unique to the skin. Iron man should fly, have his pulse guns (whatever they are) and they should work as such. Batman should get the batmobile. You get the idea. Have the Hulk do serious carnage to buildings and the environment.

Environmental: Low gravity (moon bounce), storms, natural disasters, Volcano, meteors, tidal wave, etc. Each inflicting environmental change and effect.

Vehicles: All sorts of crazy vehicles.

These are just a few ideas. Rockstar has already implemented a lot of things we have all thought about over the years. A submarine, treasure hunting, driving a car out of a plane, etc This new game even if it has nothing I listed above will still be loads of fun. I have many more ideas but thought I would keep things relatively short. Have a nice day. See you all in multiplayer.

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