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Dear @metalfourbe:
I know we write to self on e-mail, but i will reply here to all.

About execute ped - i think i can do another funny script with this idea - kick in front of pants and then enemy will go ground and after that - You have 2 seconds slow down to execute him. If You will change angle of camera too much - time slow down will be aborded. What You think about it?

Okey. My next mission: matrix bullet stop mod. And mayby some move to miss bullets. What do You people think about it?

O reseve this mods: matrix stop bullets, move matrix, kill cam at end of punch fight, grenade launcher for TBOGT for AK and M4 [or mayby for GTA 4 too], jumping TBOGT style for player task. I mean animation of base jumping. [idea of metalfourbe].
Today wednesday - tommorow i will try to make 1.0 of TakeDown mod, after that i will try to make kill cam for punchs and jumping TBOGT style every pleace. Everythink i will try make in this week - in 4 days.
It all for You people!
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