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Hi! I spent the night using a bunch of your mods (Sniper BT,DeadEye and Watchcats) and i have to say they are all awesome,affecting gameplay in good ways (More cinematic feel in fights and pursuits).

So here is some things i have in mind:

- Replace the melee animation that occurs with a gun in hand with the kick. right after kicking,the time should slow down so that the player can aim and execute the enemy easily (Yeah,pretty much what you can find in sleeping dogs ).

-Use the animation where Luis land with a parachute on a truck (like one hand on the floor,ninja style) when player are too high for the "land and roll" animation. But it should not be too high too ,and the loss of health should stay the same.

-enabling the AK or M4 to launch grenade (like the grenade launcher of eflc) with a button press. For now i use the ak skin on both AK and Grenade launcher,but still have to switch between the two,would be nice to launch grenade quickly

- if possible,make some kind of ragdoll enabler that would launch the player into some kind of tacle in order to takedown peds (Maybe launching the cover roll and immediatly going ragdoll at the time the player is jumping). Or make any peds fall when jumping at them

-You make good use of the killcam in your mods,i like that,do you think this would work with the hand to hand finisher? Going slow mo with camera angles while punching the poor guys could be cool

Well, these are juste some ideas, i hope you like some of them Anyway, good job with your previous mods


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