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Honestly the AI should be more realistic relating to what crimes they will actually start to fire a weapon at you. For instance, rear ending a police vehicle in real life probably won't cause them to draw their guns and start to fire if you try to drive off. Also I noticed when you camp in a building in GTA IV it is really easy to just shoot them as they walk through the door because they never change tactics or plans on actually apprehending you. It would be really interesting in certain situations if they actually dropped a SWAT team on the roof a building you are holed up in or have them smash through windows and such. Additionally (assuming they will implement a vehicle like the SWAT tank in TBOGT) the police should put up a better roadblock than just a couple of cars/ vans with a spike strip in front when it comes to a heavy vehicle such as the swat tank. Another thing would be to better enhance their ways of stopping a helicopter. Not to make it nearly impossible for escape but if one of these elements got put in that would be cool

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