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Ok, so I know that the pedestrian riot mode cheat causes a glitch for the Mission Madd Dogg, and to where hotdog vendors try to kill you. And I've already gone back to a new game and finished the game, but after I finished the game I accidentally saved my game after using pedestrian riot mode cheat. So hotdog vendors try to kill me. But my problem is trying to get a new girlfriend (Michelle, Barbara, Helena, Katie, etc.) But I can't because every time I walk up to them they say "hey can I have your number" and they try to kill me. Every time I agree it either pops up the thing that's says she's now my girlfriend, but yet the heart doesn't appear on my map, or it doesn't pop up at all. Please help me because I'd like to be able to keep my weapons after I die and after I'm arrested and etc.
Thank you.
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