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Question Noob guide to installing and using GTA mods?

I am a first time PC gamer (been using consoles since the 80s). I wanted to start my collection off with some GTA games (VC, SA, and IV) and I'd like to use mods with them.

I've already found a few mods I'd like to use, including a Snoop Dogg character, some vehicles, and other miscellaneous stuff like giant ramps. I also heard about a Back to the Future mod, which I haven't found yet, but sounds like something I'd be interested in. The only problem is I haven't the slightest idea where to begin.

Is there some sort of guide I can follow that tells me what files I need (I've read that I need an ASI Loader for example) and how to install and set up the mods? The more explicit the better. Step by step instructions would be ideal so I don't miss anything and screw something up.

I was on and some of their mods seem to have instructions with them, but most of them don't.

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