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Do we know if there will be a season? For example, snow in winter, heatwaves in summer, bare trees in "the fall" or autumn, and vibrant foliage in spring?

Also, it would be nice to see some female cops, medics and fire fighters.

I wonder if the girlfriends feature will remain...and if so how will that work? I think Michael has a wife. I wonder if it would be possible for 2 (or more) characters (depending on how naughty Michael is) to date the same girl and if there will be any repercussions if they do...

And yes some quakes would be pretty damn cool but to often and it could become annoying.

I am also guessing the in-game internet will also have more functions than emails and dating.

I also wonder what will happen if you are playing a mission in which you have two or more playable characters and one of them is killed. Will the whole mission fail? Interesting.

Will GTA V have driving and flying school as in GTA: SA?

Will ambulance drivers revive those with bullets to the brain? Or will they now have stretchers to take there corpses?

Will heads explode like in GTA: SA? If so, I WANT REALISM!

Will we have ridable horses? Horses and carts? Livestock?

And is it still not confirmed whether it will be coming out on PS4 yet? I have GTA IV for PC and was planning on getting a PS3 but I think the PS4 is a better investment and I want Watch_Dogs for PS4 (purely for the nicer graphics than PS3) but I can't go without GTA V.
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