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Talking Let's put the BEST collection at the table n' maYbe do some trading!

Hi guys!

I'm a newbie here at the forums, i mean i've subscribed to it some years ago but actually never posted to many threads here, it was more to comment on the other GTA Gaming mods through here. But enough chitty-chat lol , but i'm mostly here to show you all my R* collection i got so far, and see if i haven't missed much items from the warehouse , odds are that MOST PROBABLY! but whatever, let's put it to test and see where this thread lead me and you guys.

So sorry if i ain't posting any pics of my collection so far. It's just that it's all still stored on the box R* sent me two years ago, and still gaining K-Dust oustide of it, metaphoracally speaking. Hope not inside though.

So here's what i so far got(sorry if it's not the really official names given by R*):

- San Andreas Tees L size (B/W)
- San Andreas Carhartt Hoddie XXL
- Red Dead Redemption Red Shirt L
- Red Dead Redemption Cards and dices
- Vice City Stories Tee RELAX size unknown but i guess XL
- Vice City Stories I Heart VC Tee size unknown
- IV Police tee
- IV Logo tee
- IV Episodes Bahamas Mamas tee
- IV Episodes Hercules tee
- IV Episodes logo tee
- And have some other tees stashed in that box i can't actually remember

So this is me sharing my collection with you so far, hope you fancied it a bit, though i know it's still not that BIG of a collection. So hope you liked it and that you share yours with me, i mean us the forum.

My money is getting eager and hotter to jump out of tha wallet once again LOL

Let's do some trading!
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