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Ok lets see now, what I want for GTAV with respect..

I want to be able to choose or select player appearance. The player has to swear a lot. 'Also constantly carry a backpack for realism' because his gotta carry a lot of weapons.

I want a load more weapons too, like being able to carry two pistols, shotguns, machine guns etc... 'A one weapons list for all'. (His got the back pack for it too).

English and sometimes other languages too like for eg: Turkish, Arabic, hybrid or all! even Chinese. Have the player select what style or appearance model he wants his player... IF YOU CAN. 'I can give you some words if interested or input in game) Like for example

Player speech;
'I only want peace in world, harmony and all the good stuff, freedom fuck! why do people shit me?'
'Fucking corrupt Government need to recognize where they went wrong'
Bastards wanna play? Fuckyall bitch I ain't doing bad for the good of a nation, im doing bad for the good sake of earth'
'Have to call mum soon she will want me to take out the rubbish

Also sometimes speeches having him remember his mom who sometimes calls him etc... Asks his welfare ad if he found himself a wife yet? Etc... Realism a little...

Also these speeches should be able in other languages too so anybody can fit there style of liking.

Also I want the game able to be modded easy please!! <- most important ' cars guns textures etc.. I want less crashes and shit. 8)

Should be fun, if i get more ideas ill sharem here!
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