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Game Modding questions.

So like all of the other dead posts, yes I am a noob to modding but I am slowly figuring things out. I have gotten as far as modding a couple cars, then I decided to install ICEnhancer 2.1, but after I did that I could no longer use GTA IV vehicle mod installer because it could not locate the needed game file. I tried to replace the files it was missing with files from my backup but it made no difference. Other than that it worked fine. I decided that I wanted to be able to install more cars so I restored my game from my back up and started over. I attempted to do a player mod using OpenIV I copied the files as stated in the 'read me' then proceeded to follow the instructions to rebuild, only rebuild button wasn't an available option. Im not too sure if I did something wrong there. I am using a steam copy of GTA IV and I know mods have been revised since the update. I guess my question would be, do alot of the older mods still work since that update? if no then what are the best ones to look for? I dont really expect too much of a reply, just by the looks of similar posts, but one would be nice and help save me a bit of time and research.

P.S. I'm not too lazy to do my own research, just looking for some guidance. Thanks for reading!
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