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i thought about sniper ped who is hunting for us... there is a red line coming from his rifle...he hides like 300 metres on roofs.... (it's for not multiplayer gamers propably most useful heh)

the more comprehensive script...
I saw telekinesis power mod by JuliNIB: cool but there is no hands movements, which could be added. I would like to add there something like flying and stoping bullets like Neo did in Matrix. (neo skin is made by some other guy btw) I would like in that script that when you fly low above streets the cars and peds are hit by the wind impact and fly above you (just like was in matrix ) And 2 the most powerful attacks of telekinesis in that mod:
1. push everything (not just one target) whole streets! Every objcet is being pushed by the force: every lamp, ped, car... xD
2. you gather 10 objects in the air and you can throw it into someone (it is possible to do in that JulioNiB) but you have to select enemies. I would like a mod where random objects (10) are gathered in 1 sec and then you can aim with it.
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