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Alright.. So before I start with the gloves...

I was thinking about getting some graphical enhancing mods. Any help with those? I click tutorial on the site but it just refreshes the page.

I'm running a GTX 660Ti and have quite a bit of ram left over after cranking the settings. I didn't know definition was a bad setting though. Gonna turn that off after.

I think I need to downgrade my game? Will my gamesaves disappear? Ugh it all looks so confusing. I used to mod VC and SA but I was still a teenager and would be up all night. Now I'm near 26 and and it's installed through Steam and it seems like there is ALOT more to do. A little daunting.

EDIT: Thanks for the reply by the way! I kind of forgot about it because life got a bit busy but now I want to do this.

Also, was looking at that trainer. Looks cool but I don't see any mention of gloves through all the screenshots haha. Anyone know if there are any english style jackets? I don't know how to describe them. Look like windbreakers but the neck is really high?

Found a pic!

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