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topgungtamod is an unknown quantity at this point
Np if somehow I helped you its cool
but I don't know what you mean FRONT of the car...glitch with phone....aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
it's called CHEAT it's legal Rockstar gave us some numbers...max health, weather, spawn few cars.
There is also some thing called TRAINER (MOD) that allows you to spawn everything in front of you but I never used it. I can tell you forget about the car. You will be happier if you find it by luck one day
BUT in a file of TrafficLoad you can write what cars you want to see during game...but I also never used that. Couln't figure it out what the author meant -it is written in the Traffic Load file but can't understand. Maybe you will be able to solve it.
Anyway...I will have a drunek version of GTA with Multiplayer in the next 20 minutes

I've never used it so don't ask me what to with it Downlaod and read the instructions. It can spawn, bikes...propably even people and ships!
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