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ok so if you don't know what the trafic load is...and you have all cars on the road then don't bother about that right now (it's a mod that forces modded cars to appear on the roads - sometimes you must use it)

if game started crashing when cars appeard on the roads then it must be CARS or GPU and CARD overheated
so yes i would check every car you installed (begin with the latest car...the last one you put into gta iv)

loading is long BUT there is a mod that forces FASTER LOADING
HERE!!! DOWNLOAD , read a readme file and install it before checking cars

the last option is SOUND
I have read that sometimes GTA IV crashes thx to the audio (don't ask)
you can check this solution (I have no english windows so you have to figure it out what i mean in the next steps)
go to:
Control Panel
equipment and audio
management audio equipment
click on speaker
change the frequency form to the highest (or another one...different that you have) = don't ask why- I've read sometimes it helps LOL really
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