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Dude...Just do what I said. GTA IV looks ba without ICE and ENB. Modders did amazing work. Cars are awful without ICE and antialiasing. Speed is useless without motion blur.
patch 1.04.
MY ICE I gave you (still timecyc i can recommend you)
commandline I gave you
and forget about 50 cars
put 11 cars + trrafic load = look how the game looks like...if fine install more cars

The worst thing is after you install one mod you feel deep inside a desire to install another one.
I installed Only jets coz jets with cars caused my pc crashig LOL first were only cars
find some server to play with and have a purpouse...coz mods are amazing but they are really usless...just to look for 1 sec at the new car get in crash and thats over... LOLOLOL
I played MP at the PS3 only coz my PC version was...hadn;t that option = big lose for me I believe. But I heard mods can be used at MP so dont overinstall them. Put few and play MP. Godbless modders. Peace!
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