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Decided to go back to my wish list and see what had been confirmed or hinted to.

Green - Confirmed
Blue - Hints to
Red - Not Included
White - Still unknown.

Originally Posted by Lukeyy19 View Post
Wider variety of vehicle models as police cars and taxis

Paramedic cars

The FBI should also have big blacked out SUVs as well as the buffalos

Unmarked police vehicles (should have lights in the grille and what-not, so if you're on the ball you might be able to tell)

Bait cars

Interiors, interiors, interiors and interiors, open this city up!

Car modifications (lowered tuner style body kits, wheels and nitrous, big off road tyres, raised suspension and bull bars, classic chromed low riders and hot rods, big snarling v8 muscle cars)

Pay n Spray colour choices, perhaps at extra cost to a normal Pay n Spray.

A vehicle parked on/in another vehicle should stay on it to a degree when moving, putting a car on a flatbed, or a dirt bike in a pickup, shouldn't just slide off as soon as you move.

Working vehicles (car transporters, tow trucks, recovery trucks, hitch-able trailers, cherry pickers, crane trucks, bulldozers, diggers, etc)

Quad bikes

If we're going to have all this desert, forest and mountains to frolic in, then more than one model of dirt bike and proper rally trucks, think Bowler Wildcat.

Bicycles (BMXs, mountain bikes, choppers)

Buggies (BF Injection, Bandito)

If there's a vehicle, any vehicle, I want to be able to drive/operate it (cranes, straddle carriers, trains, diggers, etc)

Gambling (back room of shady bars?)

Drug trading

Partially destructible environments (breaking small trees if hit hard enough, dumpsters etc should damage like cars, smaller/thinner walls collapse if hit hard enough, prefab buildings should be breakable, along with wooden tollbooth buildings, and billboards)

Wider range of melee weapons

IV created a world that felt alive, but I think it could be taken further, we've seen the NPCs interactions have been improved, which I hope is a dramatic change, and from seeing the guy hammering the for sale sign in, I hope there is more stuff like this, like stores receiving deliveries from trucks and vans, garbage collection, workmen working, cranes moving, large ships moving, mail delivering, shops and restaurants with customers and staff, etc.

Taxi drivers that don't drive like retards.

Improved multiplayer synchronisation, the amount of times, the friend I'm racing against clearly smashes into something right in front of me, and then jumps back ahead, because he didn't actually hit it on his game, is literally uncountable, or he'll jump from my left side, to my right, because when he moved across, my the game thought he was closer to me than he was and he hit me, but on his, he drove from one side to the other behind me without touching my car, so he'll hit me then appear on my other side.

More multiplayer modes for just 2 people, me and my best mate love playing games co-op and it sucks that most of IVs multiplayer modes require at least 3 or 4 people. eg, rob a bank and escape the police.

Mud/grass gets slippery and sand gets a lot more difficult to drive on, in the rain.

More weather effects (light rain, rain, torrential downpour, light breeze, windy, strong gusts, blazing hot, light snow, heavy snow, blizzard, hail, ice, fog, mist, haze, dust devils, sand storms, thunder storms)

On rare occasions, seismic tremors.

Return of the good citizen bonus, because it's stupid how helping the police catch a criminal in IV gets you arrested.

Broken fire hydrants continue for longer or until the fire department turn up to shut it off

Ability to hold on to moving vehicles, I want to jump on to a truck from a bridge, climb down to the cab, and throw the driver out while in motion, Hollywood style. And car surfing to a degree, I understand it wouldn't be feasible to be able to hold on to a car speeding round a corner at 50mph.

8-Ball's Bomb Shops

We had one model of bus in IV, what about coaches, minibuses, double deckers, etc

Allow us to create our own race tracks like in Midnight Club LA, to play online, it's just checkpoints after all.

Car doors should bend back at slower speed impacts rather than stopping the car, and then rip off at high speed, wheels can rip off in some impacts,

Use things, like broken bits of benches or bricks, as weapons

If your car ends up in position where the doors aren't openable, instead of just appearing outside of the car, he should kick the windscreen out or climb out of a convertible.

If I run out of ammo, I don't want to throw the weapon away, that means I have to buy a whole new weapon, instead of just ammo.

Remote explosives

Multiplayer triathlons, or quadathlons, or customathlons.


Police dogs

News choppers try to follow chases too.

news chopper missions


Hardware store

Taxi missions

Paramedic missions

Fire truck missions

Bike courier missions

Lifeguard missions

Animal rescue missions

Tow truck missions

More fluid obstacle avoidance, and climbing, I've been playing Uncharted 3, and the running and climbing is pretty good.

Return of garages to store cars, at least in bigger houses out of the city, perhaps a helipad if we can afford a really big place.

Updating the phone to a smart phone, so we can mark and name GPS locations, check what weather is coming, receive emails, play music, take pictures and save them for real to the console.

If, like LA, LS is not an island, I hope there is no invisible walls or barriers, the desert/mountains/whatever should just generate forever, or your health slowly depletes as you get too far away. Confirmed to be an Island.

Vehicles in online multiplayer should be grouped by performance, not model, so we can race an equally matched pickup and car, or bike and super car, etc, but there should also be an open class option, where anything goes, just for the fun of it.

Also on the MP theme, as suggested by it's name, Grand Theft Auto is a game predominantly about vehicles, yet levelling up in MP is about 10 times faster playing deathmatch than it is when racing, I think it should be split into driver level and combat level, as I find Grand Theft Auto is a very good platform for racing.

Not all convertible roofs should be electric, there should be an animation of the character manually doing it in older vehicles.

The dog in the trailer confirms NPCs can have pets, but I hope there's farm animals and wild animals.

A screwdriver weapon, that can also be used to inconspicuously break into parked cars, with a much lower chance of alerting nearby pedestrians and police, it would take a few seconds longer, but would give you a better chance of preventing a wanted level. Confirmed that sound levels are taken into consideration.

Cars should continue burning for longer after exploding

Fire should last longer and spread easier, it is impossible for a fire to rage out of control in IV, it just puts its self out, even before the fire department arrive.

Working phone numbers, number on a cab, call it, get a cab, number on a tow truck, call it, have your broken car towed to the nearest pay and spray, if there is a phone number in the game, it should work, even I fit just goes to an answering service or voicemail, none of the companies in IV seemed to have phones, there were numbers everywhere yet calling them just gave a beep beep beep and it hung up.

Drive thru's.

Remember where I parked my last few cars, walking around a corner and coming back to find your car missing is silly, the game should remember where I parked the last 3 or so cars I drove, so if I find a nice car I want to save, I can park up my car, go and save this one then go back to where I parked and continue, or go back after a mission, and retrieve my parked car. Unless it was left in the middle of the road or in a pedestrian area, then it will be at the impound yard, and I will have to pay to get it back.

Import/export lists (I was gutted when they scrapped it in this generation)

Another character voiced by Omid Djalili, because Yusuf Amir was my favourite.

Online shopping - buy weapons, clothes, or whatever online, and have them available for you the next time you visit your safehouse.

Hostage taking

Ability to grab and push/throw people in a direction.

Stealth kills (knife from behind)

Rush hour traffic

Busy shopping malls I can smash through the front of in my car and cause mayhem

Make the game you want to make, not the watered down game that DVD storage space forces upon you, Xbox players will just have to deal with more disks and/or installations.

Cars with alarms should have a little immobiliser flashing led on the dash so you can tell its going to go off, and avoid it if there are cops nearby.

Limo service, like a taxi, but more expensive, and a hell of a lot cooler.

Limo missions.

More variety in limos.

Branching story line altered by choices you make and how you complete missions.

No zombies.

More easter eggs

Hidden packages worth collecting, rather than shooting glowing pigeons, perhaps duffel bags, that are sometimes packed with cash, drugs, ammo, clothing, or armour, but lots are empty, there's more of an incentive to collect them if they may reap rewards, but having not all of them give you something, means you can have more of them, but you won't end up getting ridiculously rich from them. Underwater Treasure confirmed, could lead to more interesting on land hidden items.
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