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realistic turf wars mod


I'm using matt19811's turf war mod and i'm looking for some simple editing help from those who know the mod.
Here is a copy of my post on the mod download page:

Really like this mod, also how you made it easy for us to edit. but there's something i'm trying to figure out...

There is no real amount or inventory, even if you havent bought anything you can still start selling. Or when you dont have money you can still buy.

How can I change this to make it realistic?

Does this have something to do with the "**** amount()"

and "****.delete()" lines?

If so, how can I edit and change the amounts added or substracted?

I cant seem to find any abort buy or abort sell lines in case a condition is not met (no money, no stash,...), is it implemented?

Also It would be nice to actually see how much stock of each product you currently have...

Also, I could be doing something wrong, but the progress doesn't seem to save, having to repeat over at reload. Could this be?

Great Mod Anyway!!

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