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LCRPCZ offers an realistic Xbox 360 Role-Play that plays on Grand Theft Auto 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony. We focus on the civilian life and the Police Department. The civilians are members who have jobs and may create small businesses. The police force reduce and prevent crime by patrolling the city in marked police vehicles and undercover police vehicles. We have a money system that we use to pay civilians so they will be able to buy cars, houses or anything they want. There is something in LCRPCZ that will catch everyone's eye. We love to have fun, check out our application page to apply now! The police force has multiple divisions including: Noose: This division contains regular patrol officers who have the training in the Noose field. In situations like hostage negation, bank robberies, shootouts and more, Noose will respond heavily armed ready to eliminate the threat. Patrol officers that are on Noose will get called out to respond code 3 to the police headquarters to gear up and get ready to roll out to the Noose call. Most patrol officers will be trained to be in the Noose division. Detective: The detective division will only contain 3 officers which means trying out for the division will be hard. Only 1 detective will be on duty at a time, which means that if there are 2 detectives in one game, one detective will have to be a patrol officer for that game. The detectives help patrol officers and also respond to crime scenes and also search for people with warrants. In this division you must pass training and be in good standing with LCPD. Aviation: This division will only contain 2 officers, which means this divison is also hard to get into. This division will help in pursuits, look for escaped subjects and any other situation that an helicopter is needed. This Division takes time to train in and is a big challenge. So are you up for a challenge. Patrol: This divison is pretty much obvious, all police officers are patrol officers except detectives. This division is the most important division because they are the first responders to everything. This division however still has training but it is not intense as the other divisions. The civilians can chose from various of jobs like an restaurant owner, DMV worker, car salesman, and much more. We also have a fire department that have day shifts and night shifts so you can still enjoy yourself and don't have to be a ems or firefighter the while day. For more information or to sign up visit our website at or message XxBr0nX K1DxX or Tsarsfield on Xbox live
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