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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
I'll take a look at a few in a few weeks, I'm a bit busy lately and I'm kinda disappointed that no other weapon modders bothered to do any requests. Maybe GTA IV just died out a bit, I haven't played it in a while either.
Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
Well actually we took a break from modding. I mean no offence but i got a real life too, and as killerfist said GTA IV is getting old. But however my top reason is because am working on a big machinima. I will still try to release some packs, when i got time.

But just because am a nice person i will convert all requests that i found a model too
True. I'm also focusing myself on the older one, the San Andreas, because there were a lot of CLEO mods that I haven't test it yet, and Naruto mods out there seems cool (my fav Anime character all the time).
And then again, I need to prepare myself for a school exam, probably one or two months from now.

I'll see if I can get back into WeaponInfo modding after I installed EFLC instead of GTA IV, with only new peds, default cars, ASI Loader, etc.
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