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Originally Posted by conchadel View Post
I don't know what is going on here!!!! i'm having a real headech! reinstalled 16 times GTAIV and no results! I have patch and i can't get it to work ... how's that possible??? GTAIV crashes when i doubleclick on launch GTA IV.
Could be the Scripthookdotnet.Asi the cause of the problem. OF COURSE YES! I deleted and tadaaa, GTAIV is working again ... but here's a question. Will all the scripts work if i delete Scripthookdotnet.asi file????? if not, what else i can do to make it the god damn scriptwhatever.asi file to work???????
I have W7 admin by the way.
Greetings Albert.
I had the same problem.. until I started with installing the Simple Trainer 6.5 (which includes scripthook.dll) FIRST OF ALL.. strange.

And if someone answers this then we might both have answers:

I didn't know about this before the latest install (and I'm kinda tired of reinstalling as it takes so long to re-download) so all I did was add the Simple Trainer 6.5.. and some skin mods (4 cars, a head and a heli)..
(I did follow the "make the game moddable guide on last time, before I installed the trainer and then it didn't work.. and honestly that guide seems WEAK)

..the thing is though; I cannot edit handling.dat for the modded vehicles w/o getting a game that crashes after loading. Is it because I didn't do any of this? I have version

Addition: Do I really need xlivelss? I use asiloader (dsound.dll) instead, as the Simple Trainer 6.5 installtion guide didn't make any difference of them all (I didn't use the yaasil one as it was restricted for online, and I don't like restrictions even though I don't use this game for multiplayer anymore)

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