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[PUSH] GTA IV Weapon Mods Ė Works in Progress Thread

Hi I just wanted to start a new thread to give those who like my weapon mods a preview on things that I am currently working on. I have been releasing mods really slowy currently because of my job so I havenít really had much time to make a lot of mods so I made this thread so that those who follow my work would have something to follow and look forward to.

So let me start this thread with the preview of my next mod:

HK416 Tactical:

BTW, this is not a request thread so donít bother asking me to do a certain weapon mod but you can still post suggestions but there will be no guarantee that I will do them or reply to them. They will only serve as to give me an idea for future mods. This thread is primarily created for the sole purpose of giving a preview and update on my weapon mods that I am working on. And also donít get surprised if it takes a long time for me to release the previews here. As I have mentioned earlier, I am pretty busy with my job.

You can look for my finished work in these places:
My YouTube Channel:


Or search on and type [PUSH] on the search box.

Thanks for your continued support on my weapon mod conversions and have fun with them

Here is the 416 textured:

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