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Originally Posted by Therealriley View Post
Theres some great request on here, it's good to see a good modding community working together. I know one mod I would like to see, johnny 5 from the short circuit films. You could ride on his back as in short circuit 2.
I've posted a link to my photo bucket account because I'm on my iPad and can't upload them here.

I put together a few images for you to see, some were shoddy as there YouTube screenshots but it gives you the general idea.
I was thinking you could ride on his back, shoot from his laser turret and ultimately bring some more nostalgia to the scene. It will have to be designed from scratch though if possible.
Just a suggestion but it's a classic film that seems left out of the gta mods. If anyone fancied a challenge anyway. Keep up the good work. I would love a finished version for the Xbox 360 if possible, with time Ofcourse
Just wondering if anyone taken this project on? I found a few 3D models in google images.
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