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New to Modding: Split Sides, GF's house, Air Hockey

These are 3 seperate questions I have but I do not want to flood

I am new to modding I am ok with textures but these things I would really like to know if it is possibe:
* I wonder if it is possible,to replace the Split Sides comedy routine sound files (it just repeats so I am bored of hearing the same thing) for example with bits Ricky Gervais' podcasts I own or something. I don't care it will not match the video or whatever I'm not bothered about that, but I just don't know if it is possible to do.Is it possible to find the files of the speeches in it? I've no idea where to look for..
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*Carmen in one of the conversations said she wants Niko to buy her a house in Algonquin - well I wonder if it would be possible to mod where the girlfriend lives?
Either just change her heart icon to some random house in Algonquin.
Or, to" swap" homes with Dwayne? (Dwayne's favourite venue is the gentlemen's club, so it would work well for both)
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*Could it be done somehow to import the EFLC air hockey and arm wrestling into the base game so that Niko can play them with Roman? I imagine it is somewhere within game folders findable with SparkIV but no idea (even if it is a script, or something different altogether) and no idea how to go about doing it if it would be possible at all.
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