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Originally Posted by Homyans View Post
Thanks for your Reply bro Yes this problem happened to me when I Switched to Windows 7 (Was XP SP3) Also found out that It's not a savegame problem sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, Yeah I Tried ReloadScripts before but the console doesn't open and my EFLC Is
Hmm... that's weird. How many scripts did you installed and what are they? Did you installed other mods to EFLC other than scripts? Did the SNT working when the scripts not working? And did you try to reload your savegame when trying to open or access the console?

My guessing is to check one-by-one the scripts which may improperly work on EFLC. If there's one which is not working, tell me.

I'm having a minimal help to you because I'm having a vacation at Bali with my family. If I were at home, I would help you much further.

Cheers, my friend.
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