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Originally Posted by Homyans View Post
So I installed EFLC Yesterday I Was playing on my old PC but after the upgrade to the components of my PC That happened 3 months ago, But yesterday I Said I Shall install EFLC And now I installed it the script mods are working but after I Save the game and quit and come back the Scripts don't work, They work when I Don't save but you Know it's impossible to play a game without saving!
Please anyone know a fix please help thanks.
My friend, I'm not an expert programmer, but just to make sure, what version of EFLC you are using?
I'm having issues that I can't play GTA IV, either EFLC when I upgraded my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (that's real pathetic long time ago before I found this website and before I upgraded my VGA Card, not sure for the next testing), so I stick myself to Windows XP SP2 64-bit.

My recommendation is to use latest Scripthookdotnet (v1.7.1.7 Beta is out there, currently) when your EFLC is upgraded to or (which in, you can play LCPDFR) with the latest Scripthook version (v5.1.0 is the latest, currently, which you can find it in Simple Native Trainer on and an ASI loader (I use Alexander Blade's ASI Loader).

Mine's running in EFLC v1.1.1.0 with a little script mods (like Equip Gun, WatchCats, etc.) and a SNT, but everything seems to be no trouble. When loading saved games with scripts like that, it's still working. Just the thing that the Equip Gun script sometimes error.

If my recommendation is met, see if you can get your desired scripts working in the game. If not, hit the "~" (tilde) button on the keyboard. You should see the green console on top of the screen. After that, type "reloadscripts" and hit Enter. Wait until it completely reloads, then check again if your desired scripts work for the second time.

I'm afraid I cannot help much further if:
- when the tilde button pressed, green console didn't appear (reload your save game is a momentarily solution)
- after it reloaded many times, it's a no go (meaning always get error at ALL times), and
- your EFLC version is not at or

I look forward to this if my suggestion helps. Cheers, my friend.
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