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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
@Naruto which weapon would you like that non-scoped tokarev to replace? I can also do those attachments on the aks-74u but I don't retexture weapons (it's simply something I'm not good at so give it a go yourself). About that aks-74u though, I wouldn't mind converting a different one. Go here and select one you'd like

The one we converted before isn't the best out there , it has some parts that have wierd textures (not NikoFromIndo's fault, the texture maps are just messed up).
My friend Killerfist... I've remembered that you said you don't retex already published weapons some time ago. Just the thing is... editing main textures with CorelDRAW or Photoscape is a piece of cake, but any idea about editing the Normal map? (Specular map is somewhat simple, according to me, just make the main textures black and white, and it's good to go).

And I have a reference of Armalite AR-18 assault rifle. This is what do I think about after having a study tour in Jogjakarta for 4 days. The Weapon Information is at this link:
and the preview here:

Any chance of converting this one? I'm really tired from the study tour and too lazy to look on Gamebanana, but at least I still got experience there.
I'm already 4 days there, so I don't wanna argue about something that foad.fakor said about Warez and anything related to it.
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