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Exclamation "GTA IV has stopped working" (post Social Club Login)

I purchase GTA4 through steam when it 1st came out. At the time, I didnt have a PC that could run it. SO it stayed on my account till this year when I bought a good PC. Reinstalled it, and it ran beautifully.

About a month ago, somnething broke my GTA4. Social Club login popped up, I cicked play, 7 seconds later "GTA IV has stopped working"... at that time I google'd it and had followed MULTIPLE suggestions (reinstalling the game, patching it, even wiped steam off my system and reinstalled both)... nothing worked. I had downloaded some kinda fix that was virus'd, and that forced me to do a complete computer wipe.

After the wipe and reinstall of Windows 7 64-bit, I had redownloaded steam, and ONLY GTA IV. Well, it worked. I was able to play LCPDFR, was able to use a trainer, had a lot of fun.

a couple weeks have gone by that my attentions were on another game. And 2 days ago I decided to go back into GTA.

Well as you can guess by the fact of this post being written, it's doing that crap again. NOTHING IS WORKING! Reinstalling the game 3x, reinstalling steam even into a DIFFERENT DIRECTORY.... NOTHING!

If ANYONE knows what this could be, if ANYONE has any leads to any LEGIT and LEGAL fix, PLEASE for the love of everything computerized, HELP ME! I want to play the game again.

PS- Before you siggest it, GFWL has already been tried, so has patching the game. Even RUNNING it as admin on my system has no difference.
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