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foad.fakor has a little shameless behaviour in the past
aha! that is what was i talking about.

you could have told me that and due to i am new here you could have assisted and we were not going to argue
and also we can settle this thing down like two mature humans by just simply saying sorry.

I AM SORRY for what did i just said about you today and 3 months ago.


Originally Posted by iKlipse View Post
Just a heads up guys, we dont tolerate any exchanges of piracy or copyrighted material without the owners permission. Warez is illegal and there are rules against it on the forums, copyrighted material such as weapons from arma 2, hitman and any other game is violating copyright and may be removed to avoid future legal issues.

Be careful what you post and respect the rules we have in place, thanks.
actually i didn't know about that. sorry.

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