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Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
Well if you haven't seen it already there is a sneak peak picture in my latest mod "Napkins Colt 1911". As it says in the picture the name of the pack is "Special Operations Weapon Pack" and at the same time i will release the ped i use in all my show pictures. The pack contains 13 weapons and will be released tomorrow hopefully About your request packs, listen to me carefully now i will do the Resident Evil 4 pack but not the Grand Theft Millenia Weapon Pack. The reason why i dont make the Grand Theft Millenia Weapon Pack is because just as nikofromindo i dont like to do bad quality mods and yes i have seen the post of Homyans and it doesn't change me choise. converting stuff from fallout is easy but it takes time, much time. Yeah sure 1 weapon is okay but a whole pack is to much sorry, but try to ask killerfist (hes a expert on it). And i dont know if he already said no as am to lazy to go through all posts . Hope this answerd all your questions and i hope you will look forward to my pack.
I see, edsir98. I got it.
But I guess you still have a gift of WeaponInfo for your Special Operations Weapon Pack, and your ol' Tactical FBI and SWAT Gear. This is to show you the respect of you doing people's requests. Check it here: (Sorry, no flyer, admin got bragged about it or some kind...)

The Colt 45 Kimber in the Tactical FBI and SWAT Gear fits well with Napkins Colt 1911.
For the Resident Evil weapon pack, OK, I'll be waiting. Sorry to trouble you with those, edsir98. Respect.
Let's hope this conversation ends and we all have no problems on requesting guns and other shits.
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