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Me and my friend on xbox were investigating the Sprunk Factory and the Colony Island Hospital we noticed something rather odd as some bright very bright color green grass would be in all the "haunted places" so we thought of their being a connection
we checked the Colony Island Cemetery and guess what....same colored grass. Sprunk Factory...same bright green grass.
The Casino how ever we have not investigated or the Museum the growler and abandoned mansion we will soon investigate after the Casino now the whale i have check it out and its nothing
now Ratman i have checked a service tunnel and i go up the stairs come back down and some hobo bolts out of the room and i chase him and end up killing him. A train comes by blocks me for maybe 5 seconds and it passes and the hobo is gone. Note:For the Colony Island Hospital me and my friend experienced a "Woman in White" and we heard odd breathing and growling. If you would like to join us in our investigations send Alphadog3300n a Friend Request on Xbox live

Oh,I forgot to add at the Sprunk Factory we were investigating and yes we heard the bouncer but no one would be walking down the street and we kept hearing footsteps in the vicinity of the building as if something was in it.

I forgot something to mention again. At the Hospital me and my friend experienced no one on the Hospital Perimeter but yet on videos i have seen their is people their all the time. Ghost hint maybe?

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