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Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
Sure i understand and i agree with killerfist btw you know the Steyr AUG request is already made right? this was your request:

They are from the page you linked so why are you still requesting it?
No, edsir98. I'm not requesting the same mod every time. You know what I mean, right? I requested 3 mods to be converted from SA to IV: Grand Theft Millenia, Resident Evil 4, and Steyr AUG. Steyr AUG was already made by you (10/10 for that), and I want the rest of it (the Grand Theft Millenia and Resident Evil 4) to be done. It's gonna be a hard work to do, but I'll be giving the realistic WeaponInfo cut for my thanks to you or anybody else who done for it.

You know that I have skills in editing WeaponInfo and making police car textures, but still I can't make my own weapon models or converting weapons because I don't have Zmodeler, Autodesk, or anything related to it. If I had one of them, I wouldn't have to spend my time requesting weapon mods here.

And besides, I don't give a s*** about the quality. I've been using the Grand Theft Millenia Weapon Pack in SA for almost 2 years (if I still remember when I download it) and it don't bother me anyway.

Well... Steyr AUG is already made by you, thanks, but it's just an expression that I hardly want it. Respect, edsir98. Don't get angry because of my s***ty spam of stressful expression that I made yesterday. And I'm sorry for getting you "gunsmith" modders involved.

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