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Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
nikfromindo you know that you just can make the textures hd through dds viewer right?
Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
You can always make texture maps bigger than the native size, but that will certainly not improve the quality. So it's no use really.. and just respect NikoFromIndo's decision Naruto.. if he doesn't want to do it he doesn't want to do it.
Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
@Killerfist hmm WTF man. i was giving him a tip about it.. i was thinking maybe he dident know about the dds viewer so i was thinking why dont tell him.. Maybe he really wanted to do the request but just coulded because of the bad textures..

What is this: "and just respect NikoFromIndo's decision Naruto.. if he doesn't want to do it he doesn't want to do it."

I HAVENT EVEN SAID ANYTHING ABOUT HES DECISION!?? i tryed to help him, thats all. But well ok maybe we converter should stop help eachother.. with your comment you make it sound like i fucking disrespect him BUT I DONT. i dont care if he says no or not, its not my call. I really get angry on this stuff when am trying to be nice and then you just come and fuck my in the ass.. not cool mate.
Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Edsir mate, I don't think you understood what I said

NikoFromIndo said he didn't want to do it and then Naruto went on about how he has been waiting for a month and really want it etc. I wasn't critising you, I just said to Naruto that if you request something and a weapon modder says he doesn't want to do it that he should respect that.

The textures thing was just a tip, I'm just saying that you can increase the resolution but not the quality. NikoFromIndo was talking about the quality. Let's say you've got a picture of 50x50 pixels and enlarge it to 100x100 , sure it's bigger but the quality is also half as good (because you enlarged it). There are ofcourse some tricks to increase the quality but (as far as I know) never to get the same quality in a bigger resolution.
Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
Oh okay i must have been missunderstod you then :/ and ofcourse i agree with you, if a modder says no then the requester should respect that say thanks anyway.
Man... I'm kinda stressful, you know? You know something, Killerfist and edsir98, I respect you, I like you, even if I request something that some of you can't do it. I honor you that you aren't 24/7 available, and as a return, I make the WeaponInfo mods to make it something realistic when in game after you people made it.

I guess with my presence, it's just make the GTA Society even worse. I'm here trying to be honest with you people, not to make something rude here. C'mon, even if there are something that is impossible, there will be a way to solve it, right?

We are all humans, and I'm just a student, not a person working for military or Pindad.

Now look, I'm requesting those three here (The Grand Theft Millenia, Resident Evil 4, and the Steyr AUG) because I like those in San Andreas before I was here, and I really want it in GTA IV. I talked to cjisntgay but I can't get in touch of him since August 25 this year (that's where I post the info about the WeaponInfo, look here: You can imagine I've waited 3 MONTHS for those requests and I ask you politely if either edsir98 or cjisntgay can do it. I immediately post this because the Grand Theft Millenia one is very popular in San Andreas and many people in the SA era wants it like the Christian people meeting the Pope, and the Resident Evil 4 ones, makes me remember looong time ago since I was junior high school, playing PS2, and found this game "Resident Evil 4". Plus, I noticed that edsir98 coming back in action, publishing 6 new weapon packs as he said here:

If you get what I mean, that's because I don't want to force you to do my requests hardly, but I'd really want it because of it. I needed something that would recall the San Andreas era. And those three are definitely enough for me.

If you guys put your faults into me, please forgive me and don't ban me forever from this site. I'm just making requests to you and as a return, I made the WeaponInfo for it.

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