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Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
@Naruto 607

Request done ;

Hope you like it, and enjoy!

Thank you very much. I like that gun before I was new here, and found this gtagaming website. And surely, I have the AUG in SA, so it's kinda fun.

Originally Posted by NikoFromIndo View Post
I'll take a look at that Milenia WP
I'm not gonna convert it, the textures resolution is only 512x512
I don't want to convert a weapon with low res texture
I see, but it don't bother me with that. Just convert it, for me, please! This is my request that I have waited for MONTHS!

And if you have to, you can try increasing the resolution of the textures, of course with a bit of lesson first. I tried increasing the resolution on my Sniper Target texture after extracted the picture from CorelDRAW and I didn't find any bugs. And yeah, CVPI paintjob textures also fit in 1024x1024 pixels and no bugs so far. So it's fine enough. What do you think?
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