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Mods crash my game

Okay so I was going to give up with trying to use mods but I will use this post as my last try. I have GTAIV on steam.

I have tried to change a texture of a car only using the latest patch of the game and on loadup I would crash upon loading my save. After messing around a bit (Idk what I did) I was able to change the infernus to some other model but I would still crash after 2 mins of playing the game. My game works fine without any texture changes or anything. I followed the post which is stickied about modding to do all of this by the way, so you know what I actually did with my game files etc.

I then tried reverting my game to 1.0.4 using a guide on these forums once again. The game ran fine without anything added. I then tried to add the Realistic car pack(the most downloaded one on here I will put a link if needed after I have finished writing this) and my game would once again crash upon loading my save. I installed "GTA IV Asi loader v1.0.2b", "gta-iv-net-scripthook-v0893-beta" and Spark IV (the correct version for 1.0.4).

I currently have a fresh install of the most recent patch on Steam as I did backup everything. Game works fine right now without anything added.

Any help would be appreciated.
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