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Originally Posted by edsir98 View Post
Well i think i can make the resident evil weapon pack But i got some weapons planned first like BF3 weapon pack. But after that sure
Thanks, edsir98. Oh, one last thing, and this is really the Grand Final.

Steyr AUG made by MarcosStyll

I heard that you converted the already released MK48 Mod 0 for San Andreas by MarcosStyll too, so why don't you convert the AUG into GTA IV? I know that one of the normal AUG mod can be found on GRIM's Weapon Pack for GTA IV.

I think you should reconsider the hand positioning for the AUG. According to my mind research, it's best result is to replace MP5, just like the CORE.MAX2010 did to his L85A2 mod.

Can you do it? Sorry for the triple request, but I'll be waiting. And oh... BF3 Weapon Pack seems cool, cause I have the BF3 Battle Suit, peds and all from metalwars.

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