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Originally Posted by killahmatic View Post
I'm expecting more of the same. New information that makes half the people go "i love that" and the other half "i hate that". a few great photos, and a trailer that shows us just a little bit more of the area, but not much else.
LOL funny because it's true!

Every new addition to the game is good but it's too bad when they take out the features we love because they say that those would be too complex and that they don't have the resources. What 's that all about! "You can change clothes" they say, but we could do that since Vice City 10 years ago! The other customization is being left out. Haircuts, tattoos, and most likely also car customization is not returning, property ownership is out even though everyone loved it since Vice City that it got so big in SA. I bet that is because they're not planning on making many detailed interiors.

The reason for leaving these things out is not only the "lack of resources", how which is unbelievable but I think that they have to cave in to the limitations of old consoles, PS3 and especially XBOX 360 which are on the way out. You'd think that Rockstar is big enough not to be tied down to making titles for consoles. If they want to be truly revolutionary they will have to start making games for PC first and then making downgraded ports for consoles. Or release next generation games on Next generation consoles.
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