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Seriously consider this R* themselves stated that GTA V is their biggest & most ambitious game they have ever created and that it's 4 times the size of GTA San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA IV combined.

Fact: L.A. Noire was 3 or 4 discs alone for the XBOX 360 version of that games. Which is why I can't see GTA V being on 2 discs.It's going to be in the same range as L.A. Noire if not more discs.

Fact: XBOX Live Gold membership which is the only service that will let you play any game online for multi player mode requires a $50 yearly fee.PSN on other hand their basic service is free and will let you play multi player.PSN offers a optional paid subscription service called Playstation Plus.

Console controller wise between the 2 consoles XBOX 360 has a bigger more clunkier controller which is more suited for people with large & bigger hands.I personally don't think it ergonomic at all and the controller made my hands ache after using it for about 3 hours.

Originally Posted by bennifer3000 View Post
Considering how both GTAIV and RDR looked worse on PS3, I'd go with the Xbox 360.

The only thing that might be worth considering is the hard drive space you have on either console.
Do you realize that this was mainly because of the time when the both of the games came out that it was very early in this current console generation? GTA IV was delayed because they were having issues with programming and making the PS3 version of GTA IV.

Fast forward to present day and Spring 2013 and we are near the end of this console generation.The RAGE game engine that R* uses on all of their games with the exception of LA Noire has gotten better.

There really isn't a difference anymore graphics wise between the PS3 and XBOX 360 when it comes to 3rd party games.

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