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Originally Posted by Jose View Post
For those of you who finished the game. What are your thoughts on the ending?

All through the game, Juno goes taking you through the 6 solutions that she along with Minerva and Jupiter had come up, and how they hadn't worked. Then how the fuck was the Earth saved? Unless Juno lied(which is likely altogether), it makes no sense.

I'm gonna use an excerpt from the AC wiki:
"In time, Minerva discovered that there is a pattern of numbers and equations that define existence. If one could comprehend these numbers, time itself could be tamed. The sixth solution was to attempt to go back in time to prevent the disaster before it could occur. Unfortunately the means would be too dangerous, and so this solution was abandoned.

Minerva founded one last solution, but it was never tested. Minerva created a pedestal, the Eye, that would allow one who has the genetic material to manipulate the numbers and to protect the Earth by doing so. However, before Minerva could test it, she discovered that Juno had tampered with it. While the patterns to save the world were still there, the patterns would also allow Juno to have total control and power. Minerva forced the last solution to be abandoned."

This last solution implies that if a person capable of understanding the patterns and equations found said numbers and equations, he would be able to travel back in time to prevent the disaster.

Given that the world was saved this means that Desmond had the genetic capabilities of understanding the code, therefore upon touching The Eye he instantly traveled in time, taking the necessary precautions for the catastrophe to not happen again and then dying.

Taking that into account, it is possible that Juno understood the code(this means that Desmond is Juno's descendant!), but on her desire to control the world she let it be destroyed, plotting for one of her descendants(Desmond) to touch The Eye(remember that the First Civilization had calculated all the possible outcomes)...knowing that it she would be locked in it, knowing that she could save the world while keeping it in her control.

But there are still other questions: Why couldn't Jupiter and Minerva see through this early enough? When they discovered her plot, why didn't they also bind themselves into The Eye? If Juno/Desmond didn't understand the code, that would mean that Juno herself had the power to stop the catastrophe, this potentially means that she's more "powerful" than the rest of the First Civilization...why did she not just let them be destroyed along with the first humans and save herself or prevented the Toba Catastrophe altogether while enslaving both the First Civilization and the first humans?

I think a sequel is pretty imminent, because there are way too many questions unanswered. Is Desmond even dead?
The ending was a tiny bit of a let down, just because not much was explained. The whole Desmond frame story seems to have some plot holes in it as well. I believe it was after AC:B there was mention to Desmond about a woman who would accompany him (Eve maybe), but then that's never spoken about again. I do believe AC: Liberation is supposed to touch on that a bit, but I haven't played it yet.

Some of the stuff you mentioned I don't quite remember that well. I recall her mentioning a bunch of their failures, one of the last of which she talks about storing her lover in the machine, but it was too difficult to bring him back so she killed him. I'm going to assume this is what Juno is stored like. It makes me wonder if they need the DNA or whatever of one of TWCB and since Desmond is a hybrid of them and humans he has enough to bring Juno back. Also Juno did not expect Minerva's image to appear there, cause she had destroyed the discs (she said it earlier.)

Either way it's clear Juno does not like humans. When you first meet her in AC:B she is wrathful compared to warning like Minerva was. In AC3 she sends Desmond emails full of hate. So now that she's released, bad things can definitely happen.

As for how was the world saved last time it happened, I was under the impression that it wasn't saved. They mention several times that they worked together with humans to rebuild the world after the disaster. They died out because they could not reproduce as quickly as humans, which was always the humans advantage when they went to war, their numbers.

If there's another game set after the events of AC3 I think it will be dealing with the repercussions of what happened at the end of AC3. I'm not sure how it would fit into the AC style of games however.

On a non spoiler note: I would like a pirate themed game with AC3's naval combat.
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