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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
That link you sent is textures only, find one that has a models AND textures folder (that way you know you have the right type).

About that Tokarev, it was one of my first mods and I indeed messed up the scope (didn't know how to assign multiple texture maps to a weapon back then). Easy fix, go back to that link .. I uploaded an updated version.
What? Okay, I'll try to look on the link you sent me again.
And... glad you see the bug that you didn't saw. You should update it too to Just renew the file, but don't publish it like the fresh-new mod.

Thanks for my request. I'll keep you informed if I have more.

Edit: Never mind about the Tokarev. I went to the link and you did republishing. I apologize.

Originally Posted by 9SYcH0 View Post
Hi there could someone please do this m200 suppressed and non-suppressed I would do it myself but I can't download it due to limitations, thanks. (gta sa non-suppressed only)
You got any issue of limitations? I can help you with that, just through the PM and the link I send to you.
If it's about Object Conversion, let Killerfist do it, I'm just doing the weapon line editing.

My friend Killerfist, sorry to bother you, but if you do some sniper rifle mods in the future, I'll giving you a reference about the scope glass of the sniper rifle scopes from Google here:
There are 20,100,000 results you will get, and surely gives you inspiration about the scope glass.

I believe that the scope glass reflection appeared on one of the Push's mod; the TRG-42, here:

It's pretty cool and it should be an example for you in the future.

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