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Killerfist, not mean to bother you for a timebreak, but can you do the non-scoped SVT-40 Tokarev?

And for the last, RDS, and ACOG attachment for your AKS-74u.

I'm gonna use it on my Blood Prison Guns Pack (Complete Russian Guns Pack), and also for waiting the 9SYcHO's release of RPG from MW3 with its rocket warhead (for replacing the IV RPG for my Complete Russian Guns Pack).

And umm... did you notice my Naruto's M1911 mod?

I just... well... mind if you do some retex, so it has the Hidden Leaf symbol just like in the flyer (open up the link and you'll see). Black version of M1911, from this link:

That's all, just three of them. Hope it won't disturbing you so much with those three.
I always waited for a week or two because of schoolday shit, but who knows?
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