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Originally Posted by Homyans View Post
Naruto I added silenced flag but still people are noticing it, do I have to add sound or if you dont add sound and even put the silenced flag people still hear it.
eg i downloaded Pushs 1911 silenced and added its sound and added silenced flag but people still hear the sound.
what i mean is, is adding the sound file necesary?
Sound file provided within the pack is absolutely necessary. If you don't, then what do you think if you fire the normal gun with no silencer and peds won't scared, like the Fearless Peds mod by Gus Erlangga?
I mean, silenced sound play the role of the Silenced flag too, and it doesn't affect the outgoing sound. I've played the EFLC with RNK Firearms' Tactical Gear mod and everything seems fine. I once killed the cop, but who knows? Cops will come to the last location where you kill the cop and before they arrived, you go to someplace safe, hiding at the subways for example.

Outgoing sound, again, doesn't take effect. It's just the IV bug that usually can't get fixed out.

If you don't understand, take a look on this link, then scroll to the Comments section:
Fulcrum says: @Push It looks cool.I won't download it because GTA:IV doesn't really support the idea of suppressors as peds will run away no matter how stealthly you kill a person.Nice effort,nonetheless. (June 23, 2012 12:27AM)
Push says: @Fulcrum, read this:

So basically it means that you can still get your eardrums blown off on a suppressed gunshot so it is still very realistic for peds to run off after hearing the sound of a suppressed gun. The things about suppressors you see on movies and games where nobody seems to hear a "silenced" weapon is just a myth. Read the article above and you will learn a lot about suppressors. (June 23, 2012 1:17AM)
I think you should read the link provided above (if you think it's worthless to read all of my possible workouts so you can't waste your time playing with GTA IV), because, you know, the most above? And BTW, well... dunno. You can figure it yourself.

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